Endyra Denim Kick Rocks

Posted: June 2, 2010 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases
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A mature and artistically evolved sentiment is the force behind the new Kick Rocks collection from Endyra Denim. This new, screen printed collection differs from past collections which had mostly hand-painted items. This makes the new pieces available at a lower price point and to a broader audience. Don’t think that this means sacrifices were made in regards to image. Though the medium is slightly different, the message remains the same. “Endyra Denim has a signature look, elaborate bold colors and contoured abstract edges. We would like to continue with our collection being as fashion forward as we can, without losing our sense of identity” says Ava,co- founder of Endyra Denim. The new collection seems to do exactly that.

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These statement making pieces hold to Endyra Denim’s refined street-wear aesthetic. And the Kick Rocks message is a bold statement, in and of itself. Ava says that “The concept behind the design of this collection reflects people dealing with the peer pressure within their life; for example: teens dealing with everyday pressure of using drugs, alcohol and participating in sexual behavior. This phrase gives them a sense of empowerment, this is why we choose the Kick Rocks design”. The phrase is a street slang that evokes a ‘get with it or get lost’ attitude. The signature stick figure design symbolizes this mind-set perfectly.

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So look out for this collection and other good things from Endyra Denim. And if you’re not down with it – you can Kick Rocks.

To Order www.endyradenim.com

or email endyradenim@gmail.com

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