J. Monday – The Capital Kid (T9E Exclusive Interview)

Posted: May 12, 2010 by bigced in Interviews, The Hip Hop Cosign


The9Elements.com Interview with J. Monday

Aggressive rhymes, clever wordplay, and personal testimonies are exactly what you get when you listen to Harrisburg, Pa. emcee J. Monday. Hip Hop artists who connect with fans on a personal level are always more popular than trifling, gimmicky acts.

Every time Monday leaks ink on a pad or grips a mic, fans gain a piece of who he is as an artist, and more importantly, as a man. His leaks “My Life” and “Memories” talk about his trials and tribulations as well as the experiences that have him on the doorstep of Hip Hop’s emerging notables.

“The Capital Kid,” as heads in Harrisburg know him, has been heating up the ‘Net and is preparing to unleash mayhem with the release of his mixtape The Sequel this coming summer. If the project is anything like those leaks he has been dropping the past two months, then NaS might have to recant his “Hip Hop is dead” commentary.

The9Elements caught up with J. Monday recently and was happy to discuss where he’s from, his influences, the state of Hip Hop, and most importantly, his upcoming mixtape.

The9Elements: What’s up Monday, let the people know who you are and where you are from.

J. Monday: I go by the name of J. Monday aka The Capital Kid, and I’m from the capital of Pennsylvania – Harrisburg, Pa., also known as the 7-seventeen!

T9E: How does your city compare to Philly? Are the lifestyles similar? What’s unique about Harrisburg?

JM: Geographically, Philly is much bigger than Harrisburg but the lifestyles are somewhat similar because Philly is only about 100 miles away.  However, me being from Harrisburg, I feel as though we have our own identity. The thing that makes Harrisburg different is our swag and lingo. I love Philly, but honestly, there is no place like home.

T9E: When did you start rhyming? Was there any artist or song that inspired you to become an artist?

JM: I started rapping when I was 8-years-old. I wrote my first rap when I was 13. As far as artists influencing me… Biggie, Pac, Scarface and, believe it or not, Will Smith [laughs]. The readers can’t front on that “Summertime” track [laughs]. There are a couple more artists, but there are too many to name.  But my real influence was my cousin, Derrick Horne aka Y.G. The reason he is my influence is because he would push me before anybody even knew who I was and he is the reason why I am where I am today although he passed away in ’09, he remains my inspiration because I know he sees me.

T9E: How do you feel about the state if Hip Hop right now?

JM: If I had one word to describe Hip Hop right now, I would say “wide-open.” It’s because Hip Hop has grown so much in the last decade, and the funny thing about that is Hip Hop has so many genres within itself truthfully. I don’t fuck with half the shit that these niggas are putting out because the lyrical content is lackluster. However, Hip Hop is the most popular music in the world right now so I would say it’s in a comfortable state.

T9E: We here at The9Elements have featured several of your tracks like “My Life” and “Memories.” That said, it seems like you enjoy sharing who you are as an ordinary person with your listeners. Is it important for your audience to get an intimate idea of who you are? Why so?

JM: Yeah because people like music when it speaks to your soul and if the fan has an idea of what type of person you are, it is a lot easier to connect with them as an artist. I like throwing out my personal life experiences because it’s real talk or real raps. If you paint a picture from your life, you can’t fake the feeling regarding the times you’re speaking about so I think it makes music more interesting.

T9E: You seem to be a very conceptual driven artist. What can we expect to hear on your upcoming mixtape The Sequel? Can you describe a track that will be on the mixtape?

JM: Umm, I have a song on there called “Your Shoes” and in each verse I talk about someone close to me that, if given the chance, I would swap places with them so that they wouldn’t have to suffer their unpleasant situations. It’s one of my favorite songs in my total catalog and that’s about 200 songs and freestyles.

T9E: I know it is scheduled for the summer. Have you narrowed down a date yet?

JM: I’m thinking the end of June or the beginning of July at the latest. I can’t make the people wait that long,  ya feel me?!

T9E: Where can fans find you?

JM: Shit man, a lot of people have been posting my music, bootlegging, and all types of shit [laughs]. So the best thing is to probably Google me. Other than that, you can find my video “Druggz” on YouTube and you can check me out at Myspace.com/jmondayjdizz and follow me on Twitter @thecapitalkid. Also, check out my free downloads to both of my prior mixtapes on DatPiff.com.

T9E: Leave our readers with your last words.

JM: Hey, 9 Elements, thanks for having me, and for the readers it’s J. Monday – real talk and true stories!


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