HEATHER B back with New Music & Album Exec. Prod. by DJ Premiere

Posted: April 6, 2010 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases

Jersey City native Heather B is back with new music and album for true hip hop music fans.  Her new set presents the first single, “The Game Don’t Stop”.  DJ’s and top industry tastemakers across the country are already giving their thumbs up and co-sign for her submission.  The thought-provoking single is heartfelt for the vociferous MC, “The Game Don’t Stop answers all those questions that people have asked me and what I’ve questioned myself. What the end result of it all is, It doesn’t matter, Quality matters.” says Heather B. Super-producer Kenny Parker who also represents hip hop legendary crew Boogie Down Productions produced the first selection.

Heather B received global notoriety as one of the original cast members of the first season of MTV’s long-standing brand reality shows, The Real World.  She was one of two African American roommates who lived her life on screen while living out her aspirations to become a rap superstar.  From there, she forged ahead and released popular singles, “All Glocks Down”, “If Headz Only Knew” and hip hop underground favorite, “My Kinda…” with rap duo M.O.P.  Her affiliation with BDP Productions also gave her stamp of approval for being a True MC by prolific rhyme professor, the legendary KRS-ONE.  She definitely demonstrated her skills and ability to battle with any MC of any gender. 

Being a True MC never dies nor fades away.  Her album entitled, OPEN BAR represents Heather B in a positive and comfortable place in her life. “When I first came out, I felt like I had to do it and now I want to do it because I’m grown and my music is coming from a sincere and confident place.  I’m not concern with any trends or industry misconceptions, I want to put out some good music.” states Heather B.  The new album is slated for a May release.  The Executive Producer is the legendary DJ and producer DJ Premiere.  He also offers production in addition to other hip hop notables Pete Rock and Kenny Parker.

Since her last musical release in 2002, Heather B has expanded her career into acting and entrepreneurship.  She’s appeared in various commercials and television projects and owned a well known successful business in the New York metro area.  She has continued to expand and remain involved in and around the entertainment industry.  OPEN BAR is guaranteed to give hip hop lovers a fun, party packed and beat filled compilation that will become one of 2010’s best albums by year’s end.  Each track delivers strong lyrics and musical energy that will not disappoint fans of yesterday, today and tomorrow.   The single is available now for purchase on www.itunes.com.


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