AAMBC Book of the Year – “Game Recognize Game”

Posted: March 7, 2010 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases


— Juicy Novel focuses on the lives of college students as they transition from campus to corporate America —


Houston, TX (BlackNews.com) — Coming of age stories are plenty  but none like this. In a twisted tale of romance, deceit and personal growth, first-time author Terry DeRon brings you Game Recognize Game. From the first chapter, readers are hooked on the complex characters as they move through their separate lives, unknowingly affecting each other tremendously in the process.

Game Recognize Game revolves around a star football player readying for one of the oldest rival “Classics” in HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) football; a young, ambitious, sexually curious female student who catches the star’s eye and anyone else in her vicinity; an upwardly mobile executive who basks in the glow of his growing success and his sexual peak; and his disturbed love-struck colleague who is on a vacation from sanity. The unexpected twists in the story and the unique perspectives given on every situation lure readers further and further into an exciting world of erotic drama with each turn of the page.

Game Recognize Game was voted Book of the Year by the African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC). AAMBC is a national literary group created to promote black authors.

DeRon will receive the award on June 12th at the upcoming 2010 AAMBC Conference in Chicago, Illinois . “I think it says a lot to receive praise from people and organizations that cater to book lovers. As a writer you want your work to be well received, but this award was a lot more than I expected to receive from my first novel,” stated DeRon in regards to his win.

DeRon, an HBCU product with a background in film and television, says he took this book to the limit because he was excited about the reaction the world would have from his work.

“I want my books to be the Jordan’s of the literary world,” said DeRon, who is currently working on his second effort. “I’m able to catch the dialogue I’m thinking about and describe the scene I see, which is why I think my writing style is so vivid and realistic.”

Game Recognize Game (retail $17.99 USD) is available for purchase, as well as a preview of the first five chapters, at www.terryderonbooks.com. Books will also be available at all major booksellers worldwide.

For media inquiries, book signings, book club review material and speaking engagements, go to www.vmscommunications.net and click on The National Speakers Network: Terry DeRon

The National Speakers Network (NSN), a subsidiary of VMS Communications, is a speakers’ bureau showcasing dynamic authors and speakers. NSN helps corporations, high schools, universities and organizations find high quality, diverse authors and speakers for all types of events.


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