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Houston, TX (BlackNews.com) — Comedic actor Chris Rock recently let loose the strand secrets of black women in his documentary, Good Hair. K. Broussard takes this heated and everlasting debate several steps further in her book, What Looks Like Black, a compelling and thought-provoking novel that delves into the arcane and painful issues prompted by the African-American diaspora.

Ann Girard is a black woman with blue eyes, straight hair and fair skin. Because of her own questionable features, she has experienced a problematic existence. Her life has now become even more complicated with the news of her unexpected pregnancy.

Filled with mixed emotions, due to her own anomalous looks, Ann contemplates raising a child in a world in which she has experienced so much grief. Throughout her life, she has suffered evil taunts and flubbed attempts to belong while constantly facing mystified stares and resentful glares, even as an adult. In an attempt to cope with her anxiety of what her child could experience, she channels her energy in a series of journal entries, about her past, written to her unborn child.

As Ann records her daunting experiences of trying to belong, she undergoes a re-birth, thus redefining her philosophies of everything she ever knew.

“It’s about acceptance and coming to terms with yourself which anyone of any race or culture can relate too,” says K. Broussard. Readers are immediately pulled into What Looks Like Black, a poignant tale that grapples with the issues of skin shades and hair textures in the world of light skin vs. dark skin and all that this implies. K. Broussard overlaps a heartfelt third person voice that details the experiences of an expectant mother, with an intimate yet comical forthright first person voice of Ann “speaking” to her unborn child about her own painful journey and discovery of what looks like black.

What Looks Like Black is available at www.amazon.com. To book this author for speaking engagements, go to www.vmscommunications.net and click on National Speakers Network: K. Broussard.

The National Speakers Network (NSN), a subsidiary of VMS Communications, is a speakers’ bureau showcasing dynamic authors and speakers. NSN helps corporations, high schools, universities and organizations find high quality, diverse authors and speakers for all types of events.


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