Low Minority Admissions Rate Sparks Pro Bono Effort

Posted: December 12, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases

As college applications skyrocket this year, there’s a worry that minority applicants in low-income areas, will face even tougher challenges than in the past. Fewer educational resources may be available to guide them through this year’s overwhelming college maze. Many of them will not be able to afford admissions essay editing services, or top-notch college application counselors. So, Penn & Paper has decided to help these students–for free.

PennandPaper.com is a top-notch admissions consulting firm that has begun assisting minority high schools in the country with their college counseling and admissions essay needs.


The company’s director, China Okasi, is an Ivy League expert who gives talks around the country on minority achievement and higher education. She states, “Pennandpaper.com’s pro bono efforts can help any minority high school student get into college, especially if he or she has worked hard, and just needs to seal the deal.” Okasi herself holds three Ivy League degrees. 

The company encourages guidance counselors, principals and teachers from public high schools who are interested in this offer, to send a letter on letterhead, referring a pool of students to the company, and officially accepting the free service. Their recommended students will then receive essay editing help and admissions planning services via a one-hour appointment slot with Penn & Paper. 

Letters should be emailed to contact@pennandpaper.com (Subject: PRO BONO). Students who have already written their personal statements/admissions essays, are strongly invited. For more information about the wide range of essay editing services, admissions tools and tips that PennandPaper.com offers, please visit their website at www.pennandpaper.com 
About Penn & Paper
Penn & Paper (PennandPaper.com) is an admissions essay editing service that provides individualized counseling to applicants of all levels. Penn & Paper has helped several applicants seeking admission into competitive academic programs. The company’s admissions consulting services strengthen an applicant’s chances of getting admitted to college, business school, graduate school, law school, medical school and various fellowships/scholarships. For more information, please visit the company website at www.pennandpaper.com, or call (888) 653-0222.


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