E1 to Release “The Avon Barksdale Story” on DVD!

Posted: November 14, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases
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E1 Music is excited to announce the release of The Avon Barksdale Story– Legends Of The Unwiredin March 2010. This gripping film won Best Docudrama at this year’s NY International Independent Film & Video Festival and reveals the raw truth about death, drugs, and violence in the streets of Baltimore, MD. In The Avon Barksdale Story, the real Nathan Avon “Bodie” Barksdale tells all to actor Wood Harris, who played his on screen character in HBO’s critically acclaimed series The Wire.


The Wire was based on the lives of real gangsters. The Avon Barksdale Story is the first to chronicle the actual lives of these real people.  Barksdale’s real name, Nathan Avon Barksdale, and his nickname, “Bodie,” were both used in the series as composite characters. Avon Barksdale was The Wire’s first season’s central character. The storyline focused on the Barksdale clan and their ruthless hold on Baltimore’s underworld and the intense efforts of law enforcement to stop them. Barksdale was a real crime figure in Baltimore.

Barksdale says he consulted David Simon, the creator of The Wire, during the early filming of the highly successful mini-series. He says, “The Wire was one long commercial for this!”


During the drug wars of the ‘80s, long before The Wire’s drug kingpin Avon Barksdale entered the mind of David Simon, a young man (named Nathan Avon “Bodie” Barksdale) was in the belly of one of the most violent neighborhoods on Baltimore’s Westside. The Lexington Terrace Projects was one of the most notorious areas in the city making it the perfect backdrop for HBO’s The Wire. But unlike David Simon, an admitted outsider, this story possesses the intimate detailing which can only come from an insider’s view. The real Barksdale brings the riveting fact-filled account of his world now known as The Avon Barksdale Story – Legends of the Unwired. A must see story for all true fans of The Wire!


This film was financed, directed, and produced by the KAJ Enterprise film group.

  1. latonyaw says:

    Nathan Barksdale’s middle name is not Avon. He may say that in interviews, but there’s absolutely no proof, he has not been able to produce a single legal document that shows this is his middle name. He started claiming “Avon” was his middle name after the success of The Wire.

    But then again — anyone who thinks that Avon Barksdale was the first season’s “central character” is also mistaken in the facts. Barksdale was closer to a MacGuffin, the target that sets everything else in motion. He’s just another cog in the machine, and a pretty uninteresting one at that.

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