Posted: November 11, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases


Two years after stepping down from his post as President of G-Unit Records, Sha Money XL is back with an audacious new brand. Dream Big Ventures sees the music mogul sign a multi-million music and film distribution deal with The Orchard, the worlds leading digital distributor of music to bring his roster of artists and producers to the forefront of the music industry. Dream Big is making its debut with a notable roster of artists, DJ Whoo Kid founder of RadioPlanet.TV, former Shady/Aftermath recording artist Stat Quo, and New Orleans own Kidd Kidd.

The premier project to be released through Dream Big will be the long awaited and highly anticipated debut album from Atlanta rapper Stat Quo. Stantlanta will feature production from Che Vicious, Hi-Tek, Key Kat Productions and Sha Money XL. “From the first time I heard Stat Quo, I wanted to work with him,” shares the Dream Big Ventures owner. “The anticipation for his debut album is still high and I am pleased to be releasing it through my new venture.” This project and those that follow will give music fans and the industry an introduction to the standard Dream Big are setting.

“The first three projects coming out of Dream Big are very realistic reflections of the three stages an artist can find them self in,” explains Sha Money XL. “Established and successful, in-between labels or ready to take your career to the next level.” Dream Big Ventures has been formatted to work with artists regardless of their position within the music industry to encourage and maximize potential. “We are looking to nurture talent that has the passion to ‘dream big’ and let the company take them to where they want to be.”

With a dense history in the music business, Sha Money was crowned ‘the chain on the bike’ by 50 Cent in 2002, while developing the brand G-Unit, which instantaneously became a global phenomenon. “Sha Money’s reputation and track record of success speaks for itself,” said The Orchard’s General Manager, Michael Bull. “All of us at the Orchard are thrilled to be in a position to work with Sha on building and developing his new label. We see Dream Big as America’s next great urban independent.”

Looking to create his own kingdom with the assistance of The Orchard and a competent team, Sha Money XL is confident that this new chapter in his life will be just as successful as previous endeavors. “Dream Big is about me fulfilling my dreams and my visions,” explains XL, “Imagine if Dr. Dre had never moved on from NWA or Death Row? You have to have wisdom to accept that a change has to take place but not be careless with your future,” he concludes. Since leaving G Unit, Sha Money XL has gone on to develop the premier networking event of the year for producers, One Stop Shop which in its third year has featured appearances by a bevy of industry executives, professionals and the elite of the production world. He is currently working as Associate Producer on 50 Cent’s fourth studio album Before I Self-Destruct and as co-manager to classic rap group Reflection Eternal aka Hi-Tek and Talib Kewli. whose album is due early 2010.

Sha Money XL hopes that his website DREAMBIGVENTURES.NET will also serve as a Craigslist for all up and coming talent. The site will be a place where they can go to advertise their work, covering areas from web design, graphics, promotion, video and production which will in turn allow industry executives the opportunity to seek out talent in all related industries across the world.


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