Yoga Guru Offers Collection of Products With a Purpose

Posted: September 24, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases


Initiating Lifestyle Changes For the Better, Spiritual Essence Yoga & Wellness Studio Deliver Powerful Teachings and Yoga Practices Through DVD Series

Dana Smith-Rogers, Creative Director, Spiritual Essence Yoga

Upper Marlboro, MD ( – Spiritual Essence Yoga & Wellness Studio is proud to announce the release of their new engaging DVD series and Meditation CD. The Essence of Flow Volume One: The Basics and The Essence of Flow Volume Two: Agni (fire) Flow. The series offer a unique combination of enlightenment and exercise. The DVD launches Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 and is available for purchase at

Executive produced by Spiritual Essence Yoga & Wellness Studio’s founder/CEO Dana Smith-Rogers, this progressive Visual/Audio series provides a clear-cut strategy for wellness. Volume One of the series explores foundational yoga poses and breathing techniques. Volume Two builds on the foundation learned in Volume One (increased stamina and strength) and provides more of a challenge, allowing you to grow your yoga practice. A firm believer that a balanced approach to physical, spiritual and emotional well-being will help reduce stress, boost the immune system and improve health, Smith-Rogers, a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, believes her efforts make a difference. “I’ve witnessed many people transform their lives for the better, but the best changes occur when a person takes control of his or her own life.”

Very passionate about her latest project, Smith-Rogers reveals “This DVD is very special to me because it was, produced and recorded at my Yoga Studio.” She further explains, “This DVD is a culmination of hard work and dedication to the center and was three years in the making. It is truly a labor of love for all who were involved.”

Introduced to meditation 10 years ago, Dana is also launching a meditation CD, Meditative Moments: Guided Meditations for Everyday Life. Created to help those who feel like their lives are too busy this CD gives brief, practical and easy meditations that can be done at any time and anywhere. According to Smith-Rogers “When I started getting serious about my yoga practice…I began to incorporate several short meditations every day to give myself little pick-me-ups.”

To take advantage of this progressive Audio/ Visual series and to gain an edge on life through a journey to wellness, peace of mind and personal growth, visit to get your copy of The Essence of Flow.
Spiritual Essence Yoga was established in 2003 and offers an array of classes and holistic wellness services. It is a center of caring health wellness professionals who utilize holistic and spiritual healing methods to enlighten their clients, developing a more acute awareness of our inner being. To reserve classes online or for more information visit the Web site at, or call (301) 574-FLOW (3569).


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