The Family Hip Hop Event of the Year is Back!!! – Miami, Florida – November 20 – 21, 2009

Posted: September 14, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases

2009 marks the 6th Anniversary of Organic Hip Hop. In numerology, the number 6 symbolizes peace, family and harmony, which are the principles that Organic Hip Hop have been founded upon.  In its mission to continue producing events that inspire practical and healthy thinking, eating and living in these troubling economic times, Organic Hip Hop 2009’s theme is Survival Skills 101,” sponsored by Difference Makers Non-Profit Organization and Urban America Newspaper.

For the past five years the Organic Hip Hop Conference has been a leading voice in advocating healthy living through Hip Hop culture. Birthed in activism, past Organic Hip Hop events featured KRS One, Professor Griff, Queen Afua and Supa Nova Slom, Brother J (of X Clan), Davey D, and Dr. Laila O. Afrika and promoted Hip Hop as a culture and force for local and global change.

Organic Hip Hop 2009 begins on Friday, November 20th at 7 PM in Miami’s historic Joseph Caleb Auditorium, in the heart of Miami’s Liberty City community highlighted with a key note address by award-winning lecturer/author, martial artist and co-founder of the Hip Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) Adisa Banjoko.  In Banjoko’s devotion to youth programs (which are  being chopped and sacrificed nationwide) he states, “Despite the school system’s best efforts and intentions… the past generations have suffered from lack of suitable education and essential resources required for a successful life.” He adds, “We recognize that chess, martial arts and hip-hop unify people from multiple cultural, religious and social backgrounds. These black and white squares do not care what color you are or if you are rich or poor. The only thing they ask is that you come with your strategy, your patience and your skills.” Banjoko’s address will center on the importance of developing tactful strategies for the survival of local communities and how important the growth and development of the youth are in community survival.  In addition to the keynote address, several Hip Hop pioneers, politicians, media, and community leaders will be honored for their work.  Admission for the evening is $12 ($10 with two canned goods). As in past Organic Hip Hop Events, a delectable vegetarian dinner will be included with the admission fee.  Proceeds will benefit Difference Makers Non-Profit Educational Programs.

The following morning, on Saturday, November 21 at 10 AMOrganic Hip Hop will host its very first Youth Summit.  The summit will be taking place at the landmark Dr. William A. Chapman House, in the parking lot of  Overtown’s historic Booker T. Washington Senior High School.  The summit will include a free “Chess as Life Strategy” workshop by Adisa Banjoko as well as presentations by community leaders dedicated to educating on practical urban farming and healthy living.  This event is sponsored by Difference Makers Non-Profit Organization, The Booker T. Washington Senior High School Chess Club, and Urban America Newspaper.

The conference wraps up Saturday night at the Joseph Caleb Auditorium at 7 pm with an artist showcase highlighting great talent brewing in South Florida’s vibrant community.  Featured in the lineup are legendary poets The Sol Griots, Kimani Kenyata, and The Write Side Poets (of MTV fame). The Sasa African Dance Theatre will dazzle with their moves from the motherland and MCs La Guardia, LOX Tha Rippa, and Sekajipo will rock the mic (like it should be done.) The Heart Breakerz B-Boy Crew will add their acrobatic element to the extravaganza that is headlined by the female phenom Soulflower. On the turntables will be Brimstone 127.  Admission is $7 ($5 with two canned goods). Proceeds will benefit Difference Makers Non-Profit Educational Programs. This is a family friendly event and all are more than welcomed

For vending and other information, visit, email, or call 754-246-0222.


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