New Book Echoes Pres. Obama’s Concern for Youth’s Education

Posted: September 9, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases


Book Cover

Author – Moses Miller

New York, NY ( – With many students poised to start a new school year, challenges such as illiteracy and elevated school drop out rates are still a major concern in many communities. Author Moses Miller’s new book, The Barack in Me encourages young adults to stay in school and obtain an education, while deterring them from chasing after fast cash and the material things often glamorized on television and in mainstream music.

“Many of the young people I speak to and mentor have role models who dropped out of high school and parents with similar backgrounds. Obtaining a college degree isn’t in their foreseeable future. It’s going to take concerted effort to bring forth a paradigm shift,” says Moses Miller.

The Barack in Me is Moses Miller’s first inspirational effort, specifically focused on encouraging our young adults to remain focused on reaching their true potential in life. The author intertwines messages Barack Obama conveyed during his monumental campaign, with his own advice and experiences, resulting in a book that is positive and relatable for the targeted youth.

“Mixing current events with world struggles, he touches on various topics such as self love and discusses how success begins with self-perception,” says Linda Pate for Urban Views Weekly.

With some educators and parents voicing their concern about President Obama speaking directly to our youth about the importance of obtaining an education, Moses Miller hopes they will support the President’s efforts and recognize how important it is for our youth to have this message drilled home as often as possible.

“I’m baffled by the fact that some people are concerned about the President’s address to our children, as opposed to being more concerned about why the most powerful man in the world would even feel that there is a problem with education significant enough that it needs to be addressed at his level. There is a problem and we can’t run from it if we want to make things better for generations to come,” states Miller.

Additional information regarding The Barack in Me can be obtained by visiting or by contacting Robin Benton at 516-318-4433.


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