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Posted: August 22, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases
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The Youth Development and Research Fund (YDRF) has just announced the release of the MAKiN’ iT Shop — a special free on-line resource where parents, educators and others working with youth ages 12-24 can get resources on how to promote the importance of education, work and positive values to this very hard to reach group of young adults.

With school about to start throughout the U.S., many young people are not in the right mind-set to take advantaged on the education offered. YDRF’s President Edward DeJesus states, “In light of the economic recession many young people have lost hope in the traditional ways of labor market success.”

For the past twenty years, DeJesus has worked with some of the toughest at-risk youth populations in the U.S. Through the utilization of youth cultural competence, YDRF has broken the mold of 8-track youth services. YDRF’s activities engage participants more directly in their own learning through the power of peer influence, youth involvement and youth popular culture. YDRF’s process engages youth, and the people who work with them, in the learning process. It goes beyond simply documenting a students’ ability to answer questions on a test. The MAKiN’ iT Shop is chock-full of activities designed to capture youth attention and get the message across about what it truly takes to be successful.

Eugene Bell, Program Director at the Ready Set Go program in Madera California uses MAKiN’ iT activities. He states, “We use it because we understand that true economic self-sufficiency means more than just preparing youth for work.”

With the highest rate of youth unemployment in the past 50 years, young people’s future is at-risk. The MAKiN’ iT Shop was created to help decrease that risk by showing educators new ways to communicate the message — “education and work experience makes the difference.”
To sign up for the MAKiN’ iT Shop visit:

For more information call 301-216-2566 ext: 1, or e-mail:


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