Harlem CARES Circle Monthly Mentor Training

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“Mentoring is all about caring.  It’s caring enough to commit just one hour a week to advise and to help guide a vulnerable young person.  None of the forces claiming our children’s lives are more powerful than our commitment and love.  We are the solution. Won’t you please help?”

                                                –Susan L. Taylor, Founder, National CARES Mentoring Movement

                                                                              Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Essence Magazine


Join Susan L. Taylor and your caring neighbors as we reclaim our youngsters.  Become a part of the Harlem CARES Mentor-Recruitment Movement, which is asking every able Black adult in our community to help save and secure a young life.  Volunteer just one hour a week to mentoring.


Lead by Co-Chairs Rochelle Hill and Raychelle LeBlanc, the Harlem CARES Mentor-Recruitment Circle is a local affiliate of the National Cares Mentoring Movement, founded by Susan Taylor, as Essence CARES.  It has grown into a coalition of trusted local and national, civic, organization, government, business, political and community leaders, committed to working together to solve the escalating crisis among our underserved young.


Harlem CARES is a recruiting organization that connects with caring Black adults and directs them to existing mentoring and youth-support organizations within the Harlem community.  Hill says, “Our Circle is actively recruiting potential mentors on a daily basis, connecting with them about what it takes to be a mentor, directing mentors to organizations in need, and quantifying the success of the Circle via various tracking tools.” To help answer the call to secure our vulnerable youngsters, the Harlem CARES Mentor-Training Sessions are conducted the third Tuesday (August 12, September 15th, October 20th, November 17th and December 15th) of each month at Mt. Pleasant Christian Academy, 2009 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., between 120th and 121st Streets from 7 to 9 p.m., courtesy of Mentoring USA.  Please register for a Harlem Cares Mentor-Training Session by emailing NYCPrecisionPlus@aol.com.  Please add, “I want to be a mentor” in the subject line and reference “Industry Cosign” in the body of the email. 


If you are an organization in need of mentors please contact Community Organization Liaison Cynthia Alvarez-Williams at cdralvarez@yahoo.com or Community Organization Liaison Janaye Ingram at janaye.ingram@gmail.com. Since its incorporation on June 18th 2009, Harlem CARES has recruited 67 potential mentors who CARE to help save the next generation. Concurrently, the event planning is in the works for a 2009 4th quarter official launch.




For general information about Harlem CARES, please contact Co-Chair Rochelle Hill at 917-446-1752 or

NYCPrecisionPlus@aol.com. For more information about The National CARES Mentoring Movement or if you would like to work with us in leading this critical movement, log on to http://www.CARESmentoring.com.

Why Mentor?

Because our beloved children are in a state of emergency:

  • Of all Black fourth-graders, 58% are functionally illiterate.
  • In some cities, 80% of our boys drop out before finishing high school.
  • Every day 1,000 Black children are arrested.
  • 1 in every 8 African American males ages 25-29 is incarcerated.
  • The number one cause of death for our boys is homicide.

Benefits for Mentees…

  • Increased levels of self esteem, self confidence and self-efficacy
  • Higher levels of academic achievement
  • Decrease in school drop-out rate
  • Reduction in risky behavior (i.e., drug/alcohol use, bullying, teen pregnancy, etc.)
  • Create relationships that promote trust, loyalty and integrity
  • Develop communication skills with adults and peers
  • Set and achieve personal, academic and career goals

Benefits for Mentors…

  • Expanded knowledge of advanced interpersonal and communication skills
  • Increased self awareness
  • Shared learning
  • Establish valuable and meaningful relationships
  • Make a meaningful difference in the life of a child and our community

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