Black Label Head with White Teen Star Not Welcome in Exclusive NO VA Suburb

Posted: July 12, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases

When Eric “Boogie” Kennedy, Founder, CEO and President of BRAAT (Be Real At All Times) Musik decided to set up shop in Fairfax County, Virginia, the second wealthiest county in the nation, he thought he had found a suitable location to launch his label and record his talented teenage star Mair. Just over a year ago, BRAAT Musik moved into “The Ranch” in affluent Great Falls, Virginia, on a 7 acre spread that includes a recording studio, stables, horses and a fenced in 5 acre “Field of Dreams” where Mair rides horses to relax.

As Mair sits on the cusp of stardom with 2 singles currently in digital release (Download Mair’s new singles at =mair &x =0&y=0) and the full CD “Who Am I” (BRAAT Musik/ADA/Warner Music) slated for a Fall release, local opposition to a Black man and a White teen age girl (who are not a couple) working late in the same space has revealed some old biases in the Old Dominion.

Kennedy has had dozens of visits from local police ostensibly for loud music (The readings from a decibel meter never even came close to violating any noise ordinance due to soundproofing of the studio). These visits from the police resulted in at least 8 court appearances by Mr. Kennedy for noise violations, none of which resulted in a conviction. In fact, in several instances the judge admonished the police sternly for citing Mr. Kennedy during daylight hours when no noise ordinance is in effect.

Kennedy adds: “One judge actually asked me who in the surrounding neighborhood of multi-million dollar homes had we offended to draw this kind of harassment. Other officers and some neighbors are more enlightened and have been gracious, hospitable and helpful. But there is definitely a frightening Old Guard element alive and well in suburban Northern Virginia, just a 30 minute drive from the White House.”

Despite the harassment,
BRAAT Musik is proud to present Mair to a music loving public always on the lookout for something new and original and Eric Kennedy is not about to let a few backward looking neighbors prevent him from moving forward in accomplishing his mission.

“Basically we made music for all the teenaged brats, hanging in the mall listening to their ipods and texting from their Blackberrys.  We understood that the Hip Hop Culture had moved out of the Inner cities and out to the Suburbs and small towns creating loyal fans to the music. Today’s kids don’t have to live in the “Hood” or in big cities to understand what’s going on in the street because every rap song and music video gives them a graphic play by play. And I don’t have to have my studio in the ‘Hood’ to serve them,”
Kennedy said.

“Our vision is to bridge the gap between the Hip Hop Culture and the Pop Culture by becoming an “Urban Style Disney” by offering a different message, and different voice, bringing forth a different type of energy but keeping it young and fresh! BRAAT Musik speaks for and to the average young person living inside their own Secret Society. BRAAT Musik is for the digital age, text junkies, downloaders and MP3 player collectors, Facebook profilers, Web Surfers and Gossip Gurus,” Mair adds.

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