Suzanna Samone Debuts with “Million Dollar Swagg” single and video

Posted: June 21, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases

Men have dominated the rap game for the past decade with the absence of Queen Pen, Foxy Brown, and Lil Kim, but Suzanna Samone aka The Ferrari Barbie is holding nothing back on her first single “Million Dollarr Swagg”.  Ferrari Barbie debut on’s first mixtape hosted DJ Vlad’s “The Pink Carpet” featuring female MC’s from The Underground Girls of Hip Hop hottest artists like MC, Lyte, Lady Luck, Jackie O, Persia, Miss Cherry, Rasheeda and many more.  Suzanna Samone’s new single “Million Dollarr Swagg” and “The Pink Carpet” are now available for free download on The Underground Girls of Hip Hop Official Site as well as YouTube.

“This mix tape shows the industry that females in hip-hop have truly been denied the full platform owed to them, said Shylise Simpson, founder of The Underground Girls of Hip Hop.  “This is not a mixtape dedicated to females and their sexual ability but more so dedicated to true emceeing, lyrics and life from the female perspective.”   Suzanna Samone’s debut on the mixtape comes as no surprise to her Alabama fans. The Ferrari Barbie champions every stage from opening for Young Joc to high schools and club scenes.  Suzanna, is this month’s “Featured Artist” on

Watch “Million Dollar Swagg” on Suzanna Samone’s aka The Ferrari Barbie’s Myspace video Channel

Suzanna Samone Official MySpace


Raised in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, Suzanna Samone aka Ferrari Barbie, didn’t believe rapping was her life’s first priority. Like many women, Suzanna found herself in an abusive relationship that almost claimed her life in 1997 when her then boyfriend crashed a vehicle, with her in it. The accident sent her to the hospital with a 30/70 percent chance she would come out of the surgery, and unclear if she would she ever walk again.

It was during her recovery that she spent all of her time listening to music, evaluating and studying the hip hop craft from other artists. Suzanna Samone felt there was a lack of message delivered in today’s lyrics, that the ladies of hip hop past like Queen Latifah, Queen Pen, MC Lyte, Sweet Tee and Yo-Yo shared. Suzanna Samone picked up a pen and pad and started writing lyrics and recording with friend and rap artist/Producer “Attitude” of Warner Brothers Records.  Today she is an unsigned artist, thanking Hip Hop that she survived a life threatening accident.


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