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Cage – Depart From Me – Definitive Jux

Release Date: 07/07/09


Cage unleashed a new track on Twitter today from his forthcoming album, Depart From Me, due in stores on July 7th from Definitive Jux Records. The track “Look What You Did” is the third to surface from Cage’s highly anticipated follow-up to 2003’s Hell’s Winter and was produced by Hatebreed’s F. Sean.


Cage released the album’s first single “I Never Knew You” with a Shia LeBeouf produced video last month on MTVu along with a free EP by the same name.


Download and Share Cage “Look at What You Did” (Depart From Me)


Pre-order Depart From Me


Watch “I Never Knew You” video


Get Cage’s I Never Knew You EP for free here:
MTV Subterranean:



About Depart From Me

Definitive Jux is proud to present Depart From Me – the latest full-length album, from underground/indie-rap legend Cagea/k/a Chris Palko. The follow-up to Hell’s Winter, his 2005 critically-acclaimed LP, Depart From Me continues Cage‘s musical saga of a no-holds-barred, brutally autobiographical journey through his past and present. Cage explains, “The idea of making a positive change in my life and getting clean, that was Hell’s Winter. Depart From Me is the struggle in implementing those ideas.”


Cage began his career on the legendary Bobbito Garcia and Stretch Armstrong radio show and with the release of the single “Agent Orange” in 1997 on Garcia’s label Fondle Em’ Records. His talent led him to a deal with Eastern Conference Records, where he dropped his renowned full length LP, Movies For The Blind, one of the classic independent hip hop albums of this decade.


Plagued by abuse, institutionalization, drugs, and violence throughout his life, these nightmarish experiences have permeated his art and defined the music he makes today. Cage‘s music is truly reflective of a reality far stranger than fiction, he explains; “I want only to make music that is true to life, making a record that people can relate to.  This would prove harder than I ever imagined.”


By 2005, Cage had paired up with rap legend El-P and his label Def Jux to produce Hell’s Winter, a dark walk towards the light at the end of a tunnel. With the upcoming Depart From Me and I Never Knew You EP Cage illuminates the struggles he’s faced upon entering a world that continues to be a source of loss and confusion. He’s helped along in this task with production by El-PF. Sean (Hatebreed), Aesop Rock, and the late, great Camu Tao (R.I.P.).


“Pain and loss, obsession and anger…  Love, depression and insecurities… Growth as well as failure and the ever challenging battle with addiction.  These things are the very soul of my record. Depart From Me is about knowing what is destroying you and struggling to get those things out of you.  This is my life.  This is my record.  I hope you enjoy it.”


DEPART FROM ME out June 30th on Definitive Jux records


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