Posted: June 13, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases

R&B newcomer Josh X-an-tus is wowing audiences across the nation with his new single, “First Time,” from his highly anticipated debut album, Can I Live. The classically trained pianist already has a major buzz about him thanks to his single, “Let’s Ride,” with rapper Jadakiss.  The hood love anthem was featured as one of the top ten favorite videos on MTV.  X-an-tus is now slowing it down with a beautiful ballad about the blossoming of young love and making love for the first time, which will prove he has the talent to keep the hit song momentum going.  He has even been traveling across the country performing it live for radio program directors and their listening audience, demonstrating that real artists and musicians still exist.  X-an-tus is sure most people will be able to relate to, “First Time.”

“The song is about all those wonderful emotions you feel when you’re with someone special, and it’s your very first time.  As people get older, they forget what that felt like and begin to take the experience for granted.  I wanted to create a song that gives them a reason to remember,” says X-an-tus. X-an-tus recently shot the video for “First Time” In Los Angeles under the direction of Juwan Lee.  He also wrote, composed and produced many of the other songs on Can I Live, which chronicles his life.

“The album is a novel set to music. It’s the story of my life as I worked to get my deal. The songs talk about love, family, disappointments and triumph,” says the native New Yorker. “Being a young person in today’s society is very hard with all the issues we have to face that generation before us didn’t have to deal with. However, you have to remain positive while overcoming your obstacles. In life you make choices and whatever choice you make you have to ask yourself if you can live with it. So, I entitled the album Can I Live.”

Now X-an-tus is living his dream thanks to the foresight of his mother, who urged him to take piano lessons, and now the support and guidance of his label, M USA Entertainment/EMI.  The 22-year-old is currently on a radio promotions tour and is excited about taking his music to audiences around the globe.

“Let’s Ride” Video Feat. JadaKiss


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