Police Shootings

Posted: June 8, 2009 by bigced in The Hip Hop Cosign

It’s become so commonplace to hear that a black man was shot by a police officer. You never hear about white people being shot by cops. It seems that police officers have a natural instinct to shoot/kill a black man, even if he hasn’t committed a crime! Only thing needed is a presumption that a crime has been committed or looks like a crime may have been done or even look like a crime may happen to take place and it (The shooting) is a preventive measure.

And it is in part racial, but minority cops have no problem shooting other minorities! Is it acceptance by their white peers that makes them feel like they can or is it the Police Department’s way of training and teaching how to handle minorities? I can’t ever recall hearing a black officer shooting a white ‘suspect’ without probable cause. Shit, EVEN WITH probable cause! That’s probably cause the punishment will be harsh for shooting a white person than it is for killing a black one! Wait! There is usually no punishment for a cop killing a black man. Maybe this is why there is no restraint when a police officer pulls a weapon on a black man.

What scares me most is that it can realistically happen to me! I’ve had cops draw guns on me before and for no legitimate reason other than me being a dark skinned black man. And please don’t question a police officer! This is justification for them to ‘use force’. I have seen white people get pulled over, yelling at cops for stopping them and then be allowed to leave without even a warning! I’ve NEVER been arrested but you would think I was a known criminal whenever a cop stops me. Although I wouldn’t go as far as saying I hate cops, I can and will say that I don’t trust ANY police officer because there are many people in jail railroaded by the system in the name of racial injustice!

Cops should be placed on a higher standard because they are ‘trained’ to uphold the law yet they are also breaking the law because they feel they are ABOVE the law! Why are cops given 48 hours to come up with a perfect story to tell based on the crime they’ve committed? When a suspect is arrested, they aren’t given ANY time before they are questioned! Police Officer who commit blatant acts of lawlessness should NOT be given ANY privileges!

The Police Department should be run by an independent and neutral entity to ensure that when a police officer shoots a black man or is involved in any questionable activity, we will be ensured of a thorough investigation, as opposed to the police clearing their own officers.


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