Paper Dolls

Posted: May 31, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases

Paper Dolls announce the re-launch of the highly anticipated Internet reality radio show.

Necessity is the mother of “re-invention” and the Paper Dolls are reinventing themselves. After a change in program distributors the
Paper Dolls were faced with the unique challenge of finding another online distribution channel.  In an effort to broaden their listening audience they struck stiletto heaven when they discovered Blog Talk Radio.

“Blog Talk Radio has enabled us to reach a larger audience and also provide us with the technical support that the program was lacking.  Admittedly technologically challenged, creator and co-host Dannyell Mitchell was, “thrilled that we found a distribution channel that provided a means for our listeners to revisit their favorite shows, link shows to itunes, and provide LIVE call-ins.”

The Paper Dolls radio show is insightful, funny and showcases educated women in a positive and respectful light.  “It lets listeners know
that while we are serious about our careers and home lives, we also love to have fun”, said T. Strong who’s company also serves as the Marketing firm for Paper Dolls Media. Each of the four hosts of Paper Dolls are successful women in their own right and hope that the show will continue to provide support, advice and above all, entertainment while touching the lives of each of their listeners in a optimistic,
positive manner.

Paper Dolls returns for their 3rd Season of exciting new shows on Wednesday, June 3rd at 10pm on Blog Talk Radio.

*About the show:*
Predicated on their fifteen-year friendship, Paper Dolls is centered around the lives and viewpoints of creator Dannyell Mitchell and her partners in crime T. Strong, Shannon G., and Atheia Burke with discussions on men, money, sex, power and everything in between – all from a female perspective.

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