John Brown & Block Starz Unleash “Suburban Empire” On 4/22

Posted: April 21, 2009 by bigced in The Hip Hop Cosign


The much-hyped new mixtape from rapper JOHN BROWN and rising online indie power BLOCK STARZ MUSIC hits the web April 22, exclusively at

JOHN BROWN, the self-proclaimed “King Of Da Burbz”, has parleyed national exposure from ego trip’s (White) Rapper Show on VH1, into various successful franchises, including an upcoming collaboration with BLOCK STARZ MUSIC for the exclusive release of his new mixtape, SUBURBAN EMPIRE

BLOCK STARZ MUSIC is putting out real quality music from some of the biggest names in the game,” says BROWN, who authorized the exclusive free download of SUBURBAN EMPIRE at “It was time for the ‘King Of Da Burbz’ to make his first BLOCK STARZ MUSIC installment. Expect a classic.”

Hosted by one of the industry’s finest, SUPERSTAR JAY, SUBURBAN EMPIRE features new material from JOHN BROWN designed to blow speakers worldwide. “It’s so religious,” says the rapper who hopes to win converts when EMPIRE drops on April 22.


1. You Could Tell He’s From The Burbz
2. Get My Burbz On
3. Mom n Dad Money ft. Dubbz
4. Kid From The Burbz
5. It’s Brown
6. Bumrush ft. Kelo (Prod. by Reservoir Dogs)
7. Rotate (Burbz Mix)
8. Run The Burbz
9. Tales From The Burbz
10. Never Die
11. Crew Like Mine ft. Knox, Veezy & Billy Sunday
12. She’s On That Revivalism
13. Can’t Get No Higher ft. EMS (Prod. by J. Luciano)
14. On and On (Prod. by Matt Price)
15. Get Dough ft. Billy Sunday & EMS
16. Big Dreams Freestyle (Prod. by Keith Clizark)
17. Step Yo G Up ft. Billy Sunday (Prod. by Brian Demby & T.L. Smith)
18. Got People Out There (Prod. by Harley)
19. Moonlight ft. Knox
20. High Powered
21. I Love The Burbz
Bonus Track: It’s A Revival ft. EMS (Prod. by Matt Price)
Bonus Track: Push Buttons (Prod. by Phil Jahns & Intense Ron)

Official Website:


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