Posted: February 25, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases

“Digit” announces partnership with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Foundation (LLF) to launch Campaign for the Arts, a nationwide initiative to keep the arts in schools.


Campaign for the Arts was created to promote artists of all genres, raise money for schools and not-for-profits and focus on providing solutions to issues that are plaguing our nation and our kids, while teaming with people worldwide to collectively help save the arts in our schools.


Founded by Digit, a Recording Artist, Songwriter and Producer, Campaign for the Arts Executives are industry leaders in Public Relations, Music and Legal Advisory.  The overall team is composed of Celebrities (Entertainers), Musicians (All Genres), Radio Personalities, Record Labels, Booking Agents, Managers, Producers, Stylists, Designers, Promoters, Writers, Photographers, Sponsors, Travel Consultants, Educators, Students, Parents and Volunteers.


“As a business leader, artist, and someone who has benefited from community art programs, I understand leadership, teamwork and the importance of protecting and educating our youth through social initiatives and creative arts.  My background has given me a great understanding of the value of investing in our future,” stated “Digit,” Founder. 


“Our goal is to raise $150,000, by May 1, 2009 and continue raising funds thereafter.  With the support of our team and generous sponsors, we can meet our goal and launch the most memorable movement ever for Arts in Education,” he added.


With assistance from Music Producers, EP’s will be used to help raise funds. This initiative will allow artists to combine their talent to make chart topping EP’s in support of this cause.  The unified message is that protecting the vision and creativity of artists, is not an option. 


Events given by “The Campaign” will be hosted by the Lisa Lopes Foundation and a portion of all proceeds raised will go toward the foundation. Additional proceeds will go toward the charities and schools chosen to participate as a partner in individual states.  Not-for-Profit Organizations and schools will be chosen based on their level of commitment, current programs and through the recommendations of our sponsors.  Join the Campaign today!


About Campaign for the Arts

Founded in 2009, by Recording Artist “Digit,” the mission of the Executives and Team of Campaign for the Arts is to collectively help save the arts in schools worldwide, bring attention to artists of all genres, raise money for schools and not-for-profits and focus on providing solutions to issues that are plaguing our nation and our kids. Visit www.campaignforthearts.com, for more info.


About Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Foundation (LLF)

Headquartered in Stone Mountain, GA, the Lisa Lopes Foundation was developed in 2003. The mission of LLF is to transform communities by providing access to Basic Health, Education, Self-Awareness and Recreational Programs for children living in low-income communities within the US and underdeveloped communities within Central America. LLF programs center on developing and reinforcing life skills in Healthy Lifestyles, Financial Literacy, Career Development, Civic and Social Responsibility, and Cultural Arts and Awareness. Visit www.lisalopesfoundation.org, for more info.


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