Obama Says “No More Pants Sagging”

Posted: February 16, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases



Poster #1 – [Enlarge]
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Atlanta, GA – (BlackNews.com) – President Barack Obama made an adverse national appeal for “brothers” to “pull up their pants” during a MTV program in November. In support of the President’s plea, community, business, education, and faith based leaders have launched the ‘No More Sagging’ campaign led by bestselling author, activist and television talk show host JL King. The campaign encourages young men to dress with a positive purpose and relay favorable messaging through a classic public image.

The ‘No More Sagging’ campaign mirrors the lifestyle and elegant portrayal of President Obama through a series of full color 18 x 24 artwork reproductions. The first phase of the series blends American imagery – President Obama, Air Force One and the White House – compared with graphics of men ‘sagging.’

The second phase features an action oriented workshop facilitated by Alvin Ferguson, renowned clothing designer, buyer, model and celebrity stylist. The workshop teaches young men and registrants the fundamentals of fashion, trends of the Hip Hop era, clothing messaging and education.

To see if young urban Black males realized how they looked when sagging, King conducted a focus group of 10 young men ranging in age from 17 to 25 years old. Based on the discussion and survey results, most of the young men wore their pants below the waist because it was popular, trendy and it made them feel cool. According to them, sagging is a style and fashion statement. As a result of this focus group, being a father to two sons, a uncle to nephews and a mentor, King created the ‘No More Sagging’ campaign to serve as a catalyst to change the fad.

“One interesting thing I learned was that many of the [heterosexual] young men didn’t realize that there are gay men who love looking at them with their butts showing,” says King. “They serve as eye candy to gay men even though they think they’re being cool and hard core.”

The mission of the ‘No More Sagging’ campaign is to promote progression rather than prison and individuality with integrity. The ‘No More Sagging’ posters are a must have for community outreach groups, schools, churches, detention centers, employment offices and associations. To place artwork reproduction orders ($10.00 USD) and for additional information on the ‘No More Sagging’ workshop, visitwww.nomoresagging.com


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