Posted: February 15, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases

Unity is a word that has been thrown around a great deal of late, but there is generally a lack of any real evidence of it in the streets. Color, or geography, are often the lines that divide and it can be hard to look past those things and find a commonality. Music, though, can be that bridge and Houston artistĀ Rob GĀ seeks to use that tool to illustrate that despite outward appearances, there is more to unify us all than a casual glance might indicate.

Black and Brown Sounds: Both Sides of the FenceĀ will be a multi-volume mixtape of all original, unreleased tracks that bring some of the best that Texas’ rap world has to offer – both Black and Latino – under one umbrella. Volume 1, co-hosted byĀ Trae Tha Truth, which already has over 5,000 pre-orders, hits stores onĀ February 17th. Later volumes will be co-hosted by well-known rap artists from ‘both sides of the fence.”

Each successful in their own right, Trae Tha Truth and Rob G have been doing their independent thing in Texas for some time now and have also collaborated on some very successful street records (How You Like Me Now, Road to Success); there is a chemistry. Finding themselves under the same management team put them on the road together, giving each a chance to really interact with one another’s fan base. Thus, the concept forĀ Both Sides of the FenceĀ was born.

A promo tour is currently in the works in support of Both Sides of the Fence: Volume 1 that is expected to hit every major stop in Texas as well as Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama and even California. Stay tuned for routing news.

Below, you can download 2 sample tracks fromĀ Both Sides of the FenceĀ and online orders can be made via each artists’ MySpace page.


Ball Till We FallĀ – Trae Tha Truth, Rob G featuring J-Dawg (Boss Hogg Outlawz)Ā

No WayĀ – Rob G & Trae Tha TruthĀ –Ā



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