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February 10th, 2009—DJ Treats ties together comic books, film, and music for his latest mixtape, Michael Cera vs. Scott Pilgrim. From the start, Treats’ follow-up to his collaboration with Mick Boogie and Complex magazine (Leaders Of The New Cool) began as a pet-project—simply, to learn the bands, and artists that inspired the critically-acclaimed graphic novel series, Scott Pilgrim. Like the author, Bryan Lee O’Malley who created a playlist of tracks in volume 3 (Infinite Sadness), Treats followed suit by compiling a comprehensive list of acts referenced from main characters, to the iconic names that appeared on T-shirts in each of O’Malley’s five installments.

This February marks a month of major developments for the Scott Pilgrim franchise with the release of the pivotal volume 5, and  production of the film adaptation, starring Michael Cera (Arrested DevelopmentSuperbad). On Valentine’s day, Michael Cera vs. Scott Pilgrim, DJ Treats creates a prelude to the film highlighting the book’s themes of love, and heartbreak. A rare remix of The Shins’ “Sea Legs” by last year’s impressive new artists, The Knux, to the climactic emo-anthem off Morrissey’s latest album, plus some of Cera’s awkwardly funny moments make the cut on this special mixtape. In the tracklist below, Treats gives a brief description of each track and it’s significance to the storyline of Scott Pilgrim. Plus, as a bonus DJ Treats, along with partners Jason Scott (SOTR) and Saint (GFCNY ), included an alternate cover of their female muses—like HUSTLER stripper turned porn star, Asa Akira , singer/songwriters Jade and Tennille , to filmmaker/designer Va$htie — in a collage that brings together music, fashion, and lifestyle.  


1. Astrud Gilberto “Once I’ve Loved” (Intro) [This song was literally baby-making music in a scene from Juno, by the sultry Brazilian voice that sang “A Girl From Ipanema.”]

2. The Shins “Sea Legs” (The Knux Remix) [Since making an impact on the Grammy award-winning soundtrack for Garden State in 2003, the Knux put their boom-bap hip-hop spin on this rare remix from Shins’ third LP.]

3. These Eyes Interlude Part 1 Interlude [Michael Cera is caught in a case of mistaken identity at a party he’s crashed.]

4. The Pixies “Is She Weird” [Taken from the legendary punk/surf band from Boston, MA. The Pixies, like many of the bands on this mixtape have been referenced to some degree (in the background via posters, T-shirts, etc.) in the graphic novel series.]

5. The Smashing Pumpkins “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” [Scott Pilgrim was seen wearing Billy Corgan’s signature “ZERO” T-shirt—which became a fashion statement during the height of the Smashing Pumpkins’ fame during the mid-’90s.]

6. The Decemberists “The Rake’s Song” [The newest single from the forthcoming album, The Hazards of Love by the indie-rock band from Portland, Oregon.]

7. Bryan Lee O’Malley Checks In [Treats caught up with the author of the Scott Pilgrim series during NY Comic-Con as he signed copies of Vol. 5,]

8. Plumtree “Scott Pilgrim” [Plumtree is an all-girl punk band that inspired the name of the graphic novel with this song.]

9. The Clash “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” [The UK’s ska-punk band had a heavy influence on the Scott Pilgrim series, also being referenced in a background scene, as well as becoming one of the easiest songs to learn in Guitar Hero and Rock Band.]

10. Beulah “Gravity’s Bringing Us Down” [In a post on Michael Cera’s blog, Clark & Michael, he names this band as his personal favorite.]

11. N*E*R*D “Bobby James” [The instrumental break at the end of N.E.R.D’s tell-tale song of struggle, and despair.]

12. Passion Pit “Smile Upon Me” [According to the Boston-bred band, their electro-rock driven EP was first a mixtape given to one of the lead vocalist’s ex-girlfriends, which later became the album that help gain indie fan fare in 2007.]

13. YMCK “Does John Coltrane Dream of a Merry-go-round?” [The Scott Pilgrim books are all influenced by retro video games, specifically 8-bit and 16-bit consoles like Nintendo and Sega Genesis. YMCK’s Japanese style of music production which draws from chiptune—a form of synthesizing sound effects from computers, is consistent with SP’s gamer theme.]  

14. New Order “Age Of Consent” [The brit-pop legends wax about a sad loss, but Michael Cera’s clip from Arrested Development has brighter hopes of scoring with his co-star Maeby.] 

15. Morrissey “Sorry Doesn’t Help” [On Morrissey’s newest album, Years Of Refusal, he addresses ‘being sorry’ for the second time since his 2004 solo-album, You Are The Quarry. It also turns out, in volume 4 of Scott Pilgrim, he fights to the hit-song by the former Smiths-frontman, “This Charming Man.”] 

16. The Swims “Clash At Demonhead” (Demo) [One of Scott Pilgrim’s ex-girlfriends on the cover of the mixtape, Envy Adams is also in an art-rock band called Clash At Demonhead, in volume 3.] 

17. Beck “The New Pollution” [One of Beck’s most famous tracks from his iconic second album, Odelay.]

18. The Guess Who “These Eyes” [The actual song Cera’s character, Evan attempted to cover the fateful night he crashed a stranger’s party.]

19. These Eyes Part 2 Interlude [Michael Cera’s most awkward musical performance to date, as seen in Superbad.]

20. Matthew Seely “Scott’s Sad Restaurant Song” [One ambitious fan recorded an acoustic song based on Scott Pilgrim’s first job at a burrito restaurant.]

21. DJ Treats “All I Want Is You” (Ex-Girlfriend Remix) [The opening theme song from Juno by Barry Louis Polisar blended over No Doubt’s “Ex-Girlfriend”]


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