Pioneering DJ Launches, Prepares New Book

Posted: January 26, 2009 by bigced in Hip Hop News/Press Releases


In preparation for his forthcoming literary debut, For Promotional Use Only…The History of Mixtapes, DJ Mars is proud to announce the launch of a new website celebrating the history of all things Hip-Hop. brings a new element to the web, a wealth of resources for fans of the genre seeking nostalgia, education or both. The site, which went live in November 2008, also serves as a promotional tool for the new book, which Mars expects to release independently in late Fall 2009.


In creating the site, DJ Mars has meticulously combed his personal collection of mixtapes and memories to bring together rare footage, sound and information that captures the energy of Hip-Hop culture exuded in the early 90s, as it was beginning to show its influence on pop culture. “I put classic stuff on the site, stuff you haven’t seen, stuff you miss,” Mars says. “I wanted the site to be a credible source of information. It’s very esoteric. I want people to get into the habit of coming to the site and leave knowing something new after each visit.”


In addition to general posts including classic interviews, commercials and music, and even Yo! MTV Raps appearances, for example, the site will featured recurring themed posts. Perhaps the most exciting feature of is actually its newest feature. On January 5, DJ Mars began the practice of offering readers the opportunity to download a classic mixtape from his personal stash. Similarily, on “West Coast” Wednesdays, the site revisits the classic West Coast releases that may not have captured the nation’s attention when originally released. On Thursdays, unites the Hip-Hop generation through childhood memories by offering classic wrestling footage. And as often as necessary, DJ Mars puts on his other hat, that of sneaker aficionado, sharing his take on the latest and dopes fashions as well as timeless classics.


For Promotional Use Only… The History of Mixtapes is a collection of photos and essays exploring the unique Hip-Hop phenomenon that is mixtape culture. In addition to examining the origins of the mixtape game, the trends it created, and the controversy that came to surround it, the book pays tribute to those individuals who emerged as the stars of the movement, be it nationally, regionally, or just on their own block.

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