Randam Luck: S.D.’s Finest

Posted: May 6, 2008 by bigced in Interviews

Written by Todd Davis

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Hailing from sunny San Diego, California, Randam Luck is an underground Hip-Hop collective with over a decade of experience in the game. The still, but not for long, unknown rap trio have already opened up shows for living legends; Krs-One, Wu Tang, and De La Soul, and are currently gearing up for the release of their brand new Babygrande Records’ entry, Conspiracy of Silence…

First things first, please introduce for me the members of Randam Luck…

R.L.C. (Randam Luck Crew) consists of Lucky, Randola, (and) Stadi Majadi.

How did the three of you first come together to form the group?
Well, when we started the group, it was Lucky and Randola, and our other homie who was kinda like our producer/engineer. And then, about a year later, Stadi joined the group.  Randola knew Stadi because he used to do music with Randola’s cousin. So, Stadi started coming to the studio doing tracks, and we all just clicked musically.
Who do you all consider some of your biggest musical influences?
Run DMC, N.W.A., Slick Rick, Wu Tang, Kool G. Rap, Rakim, KRS-One; the list could go on, but I think you get the picture.
Why did you all decide on naming the group this?

The original three members came up with it. Then, when we added Stadi we just decided to keep the name because it was already getting recognition.
As individuals, what do each of you bring to the table creatively?
Lucky usually comes up with the concepts and hooks for the tracks, but we all definitely have a voice in whatever we do. Stadi brings the crazy lyrical patterns and punch-lines, and Randola brings more of the slower flow, witty rhyme element to the group.
How do you best describe your overall vibe?
We are bringing that real raw, underground sound, but at the same time we try to have substance in our lyrics — Something to open your eyes, and see the world around you from a different light.
How did you come to the attention of the powers-that-be at Babygrande?
When we did the track with Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks fame), they hit us up to talk about clearances and what we intended to do with the track and all that.  So, we just decided to pitch our album and group to them since we had already established a contact.  The rest, as they say, is history.
Conspiracy of Silence is the name you chose to call your new project…
It just really went with the theme of the music, and had a catchy sound to it.  Plus, we feel like there’s a lot going on in this world that is kept secret from the public, so it all just tied in together.
You worked with several underground heavyweights; the above mentioned, Vinnie Paz, ILL Bill (of Non-Phixion & La Coka Nostra), Sabac Red (of Non-Phixion), Kool G Rap, and Outerspace — How were you able to make these collaborations happen?
Outerspace was our first connect, and basically we just hit them up and asked if they wanted to get down.  Once they were on board, we got in touch with Vinnie’s management to hook that up. Sabac helped get us Ill Bill, by putting in a good word for us. G Rap was a long shot, but once he saw we were doing some things, I guess he felt like it was worth him jumping on. It was actually pretty crazy how that all worked out. We really didn’t expect to be able to work with all of them, so we were definitely blessed.
Who handled the production of the album?

On the album, we got production from Troy K, Mister KA, Todd Bishop, and Anno Domini.  None of these cats are major yet, but they are on their way. These cats got mad skills on the beats. As far as the tracks go, we all have equal say. This is a group, so we decide things as a group.
Lyrically speaking, where do you all find the subject matter for your rhymes? And, do you all usually write individually or collectively?
Our inspiration comes from the world around us. I mean, if we ever lacking material to write about, all we gotta do is turn on the news. The world is crazy right now, so we draw from that — And also, just our own past experiences. When it comes to writing the tracks, it just depends. There are times when we come to the lab with lyrics already, and other times where we just write the song right then and there.
What are your plans for sticking around in this business of music?
Just being true to ourselves, and doing the music that we are passionate about. Everything else will just fall in place if it’s meant to be.
Is there anything else that you all are looking to branch out and do?
Hip-Hop is a platform for us to expand into many other avenues; Label, clothing line, all kinds of things that we can get into in the future.
Seriously, how do you all feel about today’s Hip-Hop music?
Other than Army of the Pharoahes, La Coka Nostra, and cats like that, we aren’t feeling much out there. It just seems like everybody and they mamas are rappers now, and it has polluted the industry and watered down the sound. If you listen to the radio, you can’t even tell half these cats apart. No disrespect intended to anyone doing their thing, but we find ourselves only listening to the classics these days. Back then, emcees had something to say; a message, an opinion, a story. Nowadays, all you hear about is chains, ice, and whips. That music is nice in the clubs, but when we chilling at the crib or cruising in the car we want someone to say something clever or something that makes you think. That’s what really drew us to the underground scene, and why we do this type of music.
Tell me something about you all that everyone doesn’t already know?
We say some crazy things in our rhymes, we might talk a lot of shit, but in the end it’s just music. We are all family men who enjoy speaking our minds to dope beats. We are really some chill ass dudes. We have calmed down a lot, and when not in the studio we spend a lot
of time at home with the fam — It’s easier to stay out of trouble that way!

What do you all like doing for fun?
Like we said, just chilling at home with the fam, having barbeques, watching movies, you know, things like that.
What do your future goals and plans entail?
Hopefully have our own label, still doing music, and making lots of dough.
I heard you all are about to go out on the road with G Rap — How do you think that whole experience will be?
We still trying to work out all the details with that, but if it does happen it will be nuts. I mean, we talking G Rap here — The Godfather of street rap, Nuff said!
What can be expected from a Randam Luck show?
Basically we try to give people what they paid for. (We) get hype with the crowd, and just do our thing. You guys will have to come out and see us to really find out what we about.
Do you have a final message for the readers?
Yeah, thanks for checking in with us. To all our fans new and old, make sure you pick up a copy of the album and tell your friends to cop one, too — We trying to make history here.  Be on the lookout for our tour, hopefully coming to a city near you. Thanks for all the support. Hit us up at
www.randamluck.com Peace!


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